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    Ms.Pratibha Mishra,Principal

    Welcome to Panbai International School. We take pride in our excellent infrastructure, which has been planned according to International standards to meet the needs of learning and all round development of the child. The school has a full range of facilities to help the children settle down quickly and to feel at home.

    Panbai is a vibrant nurturing place and child is always at the centre. The quintessence at Panbai is to find the way to the heart of every child. It is a world of goodness, of genuineness, a world of feelings and thoughts. At Panbai we see every child, as a curious child, an individual with independent thinking and a mind of his own; a child who is innovative and highly creative. The Panbai child not just wants to learn the facts but also wants to learn, how to think? He also wants to be independent in his thought and action and wants to work with increased self direction and ready to adopt distinctively new ways of learning and new ways of thinking.

    Since world is changing at a fast pace, today’s generation will have to operate in a global society and move along with people from all over the world. Such being the scenario the purpose of education today, is multifold. It is therefore imperative to develop inquiring, knowledgeable, responsible and caring young people, who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect.

    In the ever changing competitive world, students constantly need to acquire new skills. They must remain abreast with the world around. There is a paradigm shift from rote learning to active learning and active thinking. Rote learning and reproducing readymade information will no longer help the students of 21st century, Students have to develop critical thinking and problem solving .They should be able to proffer their own opinions and give justifications. They have to develop independent thinking and abilities to think out of the box.

    I must say that it is the need of the hour to provide Global education to present generation and join world-wide learning community. Global education will prepare the young learners not only to serve their nation and society but to be an element of change to the world at large.